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Brilliant individuality nurtured in Metaverse

Shining children 


“Shining Children” is a “NFT Project of strawberry in Metaverse” which aims to help children living with difficulties.

They are expected to grow up and become independent together with Metaverse.


Children who struggle to find their own attractiveness

Children who want to change themselves but have less chances.

We will give our full support to help them become the person they love to be.

We shed light on children’s individuality, and provide the place for them to experience a sense of accomplishment, by NFT in the Metaverse.

Hoping their hardships lead them to growth

Wishing them to spread their wings more than anyone else.

Now.   Come on with us, step out.



Everyone is the main character

In this project, the participants cultivate a community that everyone can bring out each other and grow up.

Shining Children


A general term for the children who want to challenge potentialities as of the heart of the project.

We hope they spread their wings as much as possible in this project.

They will be the model and guidepost for further “Shining Children”.

We will create the cycles here.

Support Family


People who support and cheer for the Shining Children.

Anyone who willing to be the supporter can join into “Support Family”.

There are various forms of support, though one of the best treatments to make Shining Children feel comfortable is totally to accept the diversities from the bottom of supporters’ hearts. 


The start point of this project is a girl names



Mii-chan is a girl unable to move her body or communicate with others under anxiety situations.

However, taking the advantage of her artistic sense.

in 2020, she became a shop manager of a cake shop, in her sixth grade.

Mii-chan then started express herself with sweets, and grew up to a patissier in three years.

The cake shop became so popular that people hardly make a reservation.

March 2023 is the grand opening of "Mii-chan's sweets shop".

Mii-chan aims for her independence at the age of 15.

This project was inspired by an experience during the process of her grow up path in the Metaverse

Take Mii-chan as an example, we hope more children can spread their wings in the future


Three Whys


Why Metaverse?

After you know the difference of how easy it is for the handicapped people to do the things in the Metaverse than in real life, you will find how magnificent this world is

Metaverse, is the place

​ One of the connections that expanded through Shining Mii (Mii-chan) — the model that Shining Children aims to become — was the Metaverse. People who became familiar with Mii-chan’s avatar via joining the Metaverse events during the 3 months in falling 2022 are gathering around Mii-chan more and more often. Mii-chan has been working as a patissier since she was in 6th grade, but she cannot even step out of the kitchen. She is not able to communicate with the customers. On the other hand, the avatar of Mii-chan could move and serve customers freely by herself in the world of Metaverse. Here, things that could not be done in the real world can be done very easily over there. It is a world that enables people who are living with difficulties in real society to grow freely, with no physical barriers.



Why NFT?

The currency in our real world does not work in virtual spaces. 

The Metaverse (virtual space) is just an entrance. In that world, the cryptocurrency and NFT will be unavoidable.

This is not a game, it is going to be merged to the world we are now living in. 

But still, the current situation is, many people hesitate to get involved with NFTs due to the thought that cryptocurrency is dangerous. Although we know it is hard to penetrate cryptocurrency or NFTs, we believe that the Metaverse and welfare are matching in, and people own their cryptocurrency will be common in near future. Via Shining Children and Shining Mii (Mii-chan), we will share the knowledge to help people to learn about cryptocurrency and NFT in a safe and easy-to-understand way. We consider that in the near future, at the time when the children reach their unpredicted goal in Metaverse, there is a high possibility that their reward will be cryptocurrency or NFT. Thus, NFT will be the starting point.


Mii-chan's Sweets Show Appreciation Party

Why strawberry?

Mii-chan’s cake shop, the start point of this project, and the story of Mii-chan grew up supported by the surroundings seemed just like the process of strawberry ripening. 

If there berries a BLUE strawberry naturally, its individuality would have originality that is second to none. People might avoid it at first glance, however, they would be attracted to their originality little by little. The blue strawberry is the one and only existence, so do Shining Children. Mii-chan's success story is that of a single blue strawberry — Shining Children — born full of individuality, walks a path full of hope, supported by the Support Family, the red strawberries. The blue strawberry grows at the “Metaverse Farm”. Both blue and red strawberries bear from the same seedline all over the farm. Among them, the blue one shines the brightest, fulfilled with confidence. This is a project to increase the number of success stories of blue strawberries, through the support of red strawberries. Now, a Cinderella-story-like Strawberry story begins here. A strawberries’ heartwarming story will be completed here with everyone.


Strawberry picking

写真:cluster (クラスター) メタバース主催イベントより




created by Mii-chan’s metaverse friend




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Metaverse Event Priority Access

(participant-only event)

(Holders of 1 or more NFTs)


Work experience as a metaverse event staff

and experience participation right (only for the first 20 people))



One in the world! Shining children's NFT made into a figure with a 3D printer and presented (20 people only)

(Holders of 3 or more NFTs)


Employment support for Shining children, employment matching

​ (priority for holders of 5 or more NFTs)

(Assuming after 2024)

The utility may expand with in the community  

Road map



January 2023

①Shining children

kick off

② New Metaverse World

Start of production​


③Shining children


Launch of DAO


February 2023

①For NFTsimage general recruitment

​②Shining children




March 2023

①For NFTsimage general recruitment

② New Metaverse World



③ Metaverse event held

​④Shining mii

Mii-chan 15 years old

Store grand opening

Commemorative NFT

555 sold

​⑤Make and sell NFT

Study session held


April 2, 2023

World Autism Awareness Day​

① World Autism Awareness Day

Commemorative Blue NFT

200 sold

​②Shining mii


world autism awareness day

blue cake

Over-the-counter sale

③ Recruitment of avatar staff


May 2023

①Shining children



②Shining children

NFT bazaar held


8 in 2023month

①Shining children


​ Regular event

②Shining children

Holding a real lecture

​ (each location)


October 2023

①Shining children

2nd edition

NFT project




①Shining children

NFT project deployment

② Metaverse World


​Shining children

Aiming for Metaverse employment​

③ Metaverse work

​Recruitment of matching companies started




We give priority to support children with handicaps and those who are living with difficulties

No matter their nationality, gender, age or disabilities

We have always seen those children working hard along with their difficulties

And we feel that they are lurking in possibilities

Our role is to polish those rough diamonds, make the opportunities for them to shine

Project staff


Chisato Suginohara


general manager

Mii-chan’s mother

Owner of Mii-chan’s sweet shop, working concurrently with a company employee.

Launched this project with the experience of hardships, works for children’s smiles.


Mei Li

sub leader

Oversea support (Chinese/English)

Born in China, then come for study and work at Japan

Employee of foreign telecommunication company

Got to know Mii-chan through the daughter with selective mutism, jumped into this project with recognizing the infinite power of the world in the Metaverse


Masaru Ooishi


general manager


Mii-chan’s mother

Owner of Mii-chan’s sweet shop, working concurrently with a company employee.

Launched this project with the experience of hardships, works for children’s smiles.


Miku Goto

staff (PR/SNS)

Born with cerebral palsy and using an electric wheelchair. Graduated from the special needs school and now living with caregivers. 

Joined this project in order to raise awareness about a new way of being independent, by achieving what has never been possible before. 

Design staff




An adult with developmental disability

Got to know Mii-chan on YouTube

Joined this project as a NFT designer


Akio Tamura


Working on the PC recycling business and the robotics business as a job support business for people with disabilities, now newly began working on Metaverse business. Also proactively looking for new support towards people having severe disabilities who have difficulties to work.


Why we started this project

The expectation of the leader

I am Mii-chan’s mother, the founder of this project. While supporting Mii-chan as a mother, I have met a lot of children living with difficulties, and their parents trying hard for their children’s hardships. Mii-chan’s way of living gave us hope and energy. And one common point among these connections spread around Mii-chan was that we are all hoping to change our current situation. Most of them are ongoing, conflicting and fighting for living. It was not an easy thing meeting those people in real life due to spatial distance, but there is no such concern in Metaverse. Now that we know this virtual space can create everything at will, it is certain that things thought to be impossible are not so far impossible. Metaverse can do it. Even if a dream-like goal might come true. Thinking of that, I couldn’t get my mind off of those children growing up with smiles on their faces. It may be hard for only one person, however, when two or three, more and more people with the same thought gather, surely it can be done. This project began from such feelings. I sincerely hope those children will be guided by ambitious adults. Shining children Copyright Shining Children | All rights reserved.

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